How To Attach Adoorabear

Adoorabear is easy to use. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below.


Attaching Adoorabear Step 1

Attach one paw to the inside doorknob of the open door


Attaching Adoorabear Step 2

Move the body of the bear to the door's edge


Attaching Adoorabear Step 3

Bring the other paw over to the outer doorknob


Attaching Adoorabear Step 4

Place the second paw around the outer doorknob


Attaching Adoorabear Step 5

Both paws will relax and sit snug around each doorknob


Attaching Adoorabear Step 6

The bear will hang comfortably at the door's edge

PLEASE NOTE:  This device is designed to assist in the prevention of finger jam injuries. Adult supervision of young children is always the best safety device.

To be used only on internal doors. This decorative device may help prevent finger injuries in the instance of a door slamming as it helps prevent the door slamming shut. It operates as a buffer between a closing door and its door frame when used as per directions (i.e. hanging on the door knob or lever, with one arm and leg astride each side of the door).  Please be mindful that a door still has capacity to cause pinching or crushing on the hinge side of the door, even with Adoorabear in use and that care should be taken to be mindful of children placing fingers in that area of the door.

Adoorable Toy Company is not liable for any injuries in the event of misuse, wear and tear of the device and any other accidental event causing trauma. It has been safety tested to be used as a toy for children aged 3 and over. However if used as a toy (and taken off the door) it cannot be an effective safety device. The Adoorable Toy Company makes no warranties, express or implied, including the warranties of good and workmanlike manufacture, and of merchantability and fitness for the purpose it was made and shall in no event be liable for any damage including consequential damages claimed by a customer.