Benefits of Using Adoorabear

Adoorabear is not only a cute addition to your child’s bedroom décor. He provides a range of safety benefits too!


Crushing and finger jams come in at #5 on the Top 10 of most frequent accidents that happen in the home according to Kidsafe Australlia.  Once baby is on the move and internal doors become a curious object, finger jams often occur.

Used correctly, Adoorabear will help reduce the opportunity for internal door to close on little fingers and save them from being crushed in the doorframe.  When attached properly to the doorknobs on both sides of the door, the Adoorabear’s arms and legs will act as a buffer and bounce away from the doorframe, therefore avoiding little fingers (or even bigger fingers) being crushed.

Please be mindful that an internal door still has capacity to cause pinching or crushing on the hinge side of the door, even with Adoorabear in use, care should be taken to be mindful of children placing fingers in that area of the door.

Most hospitalisations for finger door-entrapment injury occurred amongst young children aged 0-4 years (63%), among those aged 5-9 (27%) or 10-14 years (10%).

For hospital admissions – ‘open wound’ (44%) was the most common injury type, followed by ‘traumatic amputation’ (28%) and ‘fracture’ (16%).

For emergency presentations the pattern was different. ‘Crushing injury’ was most common (29%), followed by ‘open wound’ (22%), ‘superficial injury’ such as bruises and abrasions (18%) and sprains and strains (10%).

For only those admitted cases where a location was recorded most occurred in the home.

Many finger jam incidents involve a second person, often another child, opening a door while a child is touching it.

Extra Information:

With a beautiful summer’s breeze coming through an open window, the cool fresh air is a cheaper and healthier alternative to air-conditioning, but the sudden slamming of a door from a gust of wind can wake baby up.

Using Adoorabear on the nursery door will allow the gentle breeze to flow through without the threat of a sudden bang from a slamming door.  This will also allow you to hear baby when he/she wakes up.

When your toddler is on the move and begins wandering curiously through the home they may accidentally shut an unsecured internal door (unless doors are securely latched or safely closed)  trapping your toddler when the door latch engages.  Bathrooms and toilets are common rooms in the home for accidental locking. What a great reason to have more than one Adoorabear in the house!

When arthritis sets in the pain of using small objects can be hard to bare.  Doorknobs, rounded or lever, may become hard to use.  Attaching an Adoorabear to the most commonly used doors in the home, (bedroom, bathroom) can provide easier access for all.

First time mothers often feel compelled to check on their sleeping baby often.  With the awareness of SIDS and checking on the comfort of the newborn, we find ourselves in and out of the nursery many times during the day.

By allowing the door of the nursery to sit slightly ajar the soft soothing murmur of the household beyond can filter into the nursery. With the door slightly ajar, this will also reduce the potential noise from a turning doorknob to open the door to check on baby.

Depending on where the fire detectors are located in your home, an internal door left slightly ajar can make a difference in response time in the event of a house fire.  If bedroom doors are closed and the fire detector is located in an adjoining area just outside the rooms, the smoke coming from a fire from within the closed room will not reach the fire detector as quick as if the door were ajar.

Also in the confusion of a building fire within the home and smothering smoke, an unlocked and a door slightly ajar will allow you valuable time to enter a room and collect your children.

Upon entering the nursery, an attached Adoorabear will create an ‘aawww’ factor.

Cute cuddly toys on the shelves, beautiful crisp cot sheets and bright coloured prints on the walls… and a cute Adoorabear who guards the door and keeps our children “safe” in their room is simply adoorable!

Adoorabear complies to the tough Australian Safety Standards and is safe for children over 3 years of age to cuddle and play with.
Some children are scared at night and have trouble becoming separated from their parents when bed-time comes around.  Creating a “friendship” with  Adoorabear who is there to “watch over” the sleeping child, may act as a comforter for the unsettled child.

To be used only on internal doors. The specially designed paws allow the Adoorabear to be attached to both a lever or rounded doorknob.  When you wish to close the door simply remove the outside paw from the handle, Adoorabear will hang decoratively from the inside doorknob and allow the door latch to engage.