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A Bear with a Very Special Job

The Adoorabear Story ….. more than a fairy tale….. It’s about making dreams come true!

Necessity is (indeed) the mother of invention! In this case, necessity was simply a new mum Dyna Predebon, wanting to be able to “look in” at her sleeping baby without unsettling him.

“As a first time mum, I would check on him sleeping nearly every half hour. I didn’t like the door closed, but I didn’t like it too far open, so I used a towel rolled up and wrapped it around the base of the door.”

“I hated the look of the towel always kicked off to one side when we went in and out of the room, so I looked for a BIG teddy that could sit at the door’s edge to stop the door from hitting the frame and making a noise……. but when Aidan was about 6 months and on the move the teddy always went walkabout!! I could never find it to put it back in place!!!!”

She worked on ways that prevented the teddy going missing from the door, and worked on attachment ideas, but, every method actually made Dyna feel guilty delegating her son’s teddy to do the job.

“….. I felt sorry for it……it was just there, committed to a life of being attached to the door by his little arms.”

“I felt guilty every time I walked into Aidan’s room when I looked at the bear, but it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my second son, Nic, that I realised that I would have to select another unlucky bear to use on his nursery door. It was then that I had decided to design a bear whose job it was to hang on the doorknob.”

“A bear with a job” was born. This teddy bear not only had a job to do, but he was specifically designed to perform this duty of care. No more feelings of guilt for Dyna….. this teddy bear was happy to be door decor.

The concept worked well for Dyna, and as her boys grew to toddlers she became aware of the other benefits of her “door teddy”, no slamming doors, easy access to their rooms and no accidentally being locked in a room.

“I think Nic was about 3 months old (Aidan was 2) when I really looked at the bear again I thought that I had a great idea and wouldn’t it be good to make some and sell them at the local markets, so I rang up a solicitor and asked about protecting the idea if I was to get someone to make them, and he suggested I talk to Terry Hurlock ….. I rang Terry and met with him a week later.”

“When we met he was so supportive. He told me that I had a unique idea and it was worth patenting and trade marking!!! After the initial worldwide patent search I was dumbfounded to realise that no one in the entire world had come up with the idea.”

After refining the design to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality that she could, (after all she understood how important safety was for her children, so she wanted that for other parents as well), she began the patenting process with Terry Hurlock ( in Townsville) and succeeded in the tough intellectual property market to gain an Australian patent and a Trademark for the Adoorabear. Being a newly married young couple Dyna and husband Willy struggled financially to enter through each of the patenting stages, but endured with a dream in their hearts. In 2007 they excitedly unpacked the first order of Adoorabears, only to be devastated to find there had been a problem in transit which ultimately meant having to destroy the majority of the Adoorabears.

“ I was crushed….. from being so excited to finally have a product in stock, to feeling the emptiness as we threw each bear into a bonfire, I didn’t know how we were going to recover.”

Dyna was very determined that quality would never be compromised and this was not negotiable even though it almost cost them the family home. So much had been on the line with this first shipment.

Dyna’s entrepreneurial confidence took a nose dive and Adoorabear was shelved. There were bills to pay and another baby on the way. Meanwhile, long time friend, Leonie Wheeler had been inspired by Dyna to go through the patent process with one of her own ideas.

“It was good having Dyna to chat with about the patent, because we each had to keep our ideas a secret from the world for so long…. at least until the intellectual property was protected. There were exciting times and frustrating times, but I knew Dyna would understand.”

“I shared in her devastation about the first Adoorabears…., and kept a keen interest in new developments. At that stage I hadn’t realised how tough it was for her, as she is such a private person, and didn’t make a fuss about the situation. I have since realised that it was a very tough situation for her.”

“It frustrated me to see such a beautiful product such as Adoorabear™ being on hold, that my partner and I made a proposal to Dyna and Willy to encourage them to take another chance. I am now so excited and privileged to be sharing this journey with Dyna, and feel very much like ‘Godmother’ to Adoorabear.”

With business meetings being made through Skype on a nightly basis the two women have been busy managing their normal work and family lives, as well as stepping into the entrepreneurial world as Adoorable Toy Company to create and market “Door Decor with Safety in Mind”.

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Adoorabear™ “The teddy with a job to do!” is proudly an Australian invention.

2012 Adoorbear was launched in 2012 at the Sydney at the Baby and Toddler Show and Melbourne at the Pregnancy, Baby and Toddler Expo.

2012  Finalist in the LBP Awards (Loved By Parents UK) Creative Section: Best Innovative Gift

2012  Nominated for two Ausmumpreneur Awards Australia

2012 Winner of Product Innovation AusMumpreneur of the Year Award winner – Dyna Predebon, Adoorabear

2016  Top 20 Winner – Innovation Pitch Fest

More Adoordecor™ nursery products and accessories are currently being designed to enhance safety and nursery decor and will be available soon. Just wait until you meet some of our new characters!

Both Dyna and Leonie wanted to share this journey with others to encourage people to follow their dream.

“We never know what the outcome of investing our time, money and heart (and self-esteem) will be when we start a project, but the only failure is giving up on ourselves. We wanted to share this story as we want others to keep their own dreams alive as well.”

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