Adoorabear - Door Decor

Décor designed with safety in mind

This little bear looks super cute hanging from your child’s door and has a very important job too.  Adoorabear assists in the prevention of finger jam injuries and the accidental locking of closing doors.

Cushions against the door

  • assists in preventing injury to little fingers
  • allows airflow into room
  • prevents accidental locking
  • enables easy access for arthritis sufferers
  • allows quiet and easy means of checking on baby
  • assists in quick intervention in case of house fire threat

At A Glance

Friendly & Comforting Appearance

Allows Airflow Into Room

Prevents Accidental Locking

Provides Easy & Quiet Access


.... they are even cuter in person (or bear lol).  There was a lot of Ooohing.

The competition was very popular with our winners being excited to hear they

had won an Adoorabear! ....

Janelle MayPakMag Magazine, Adoorabear Competition

.... The beauty of this product is that it isn’t just for babies,

I also have one on my 10yr old’s door.  Long gone are those

dreaded ‘slamming doors’ ....

Renai WilliamsMother

.... I was instantly taken by the simplicity
and effectiveness of the design ....